I faced asthma. It is a dangerous disease. Today I read Dr. Mukesh Batra ‘s report in “Delhi Times” . I made my mind up to share this report to my friends and followers who are busy in their day-to-day life and have less time to read news papers deeply. So I would like to draw your kind attention towards the following report by Dr. Mukesh Batra.
Effective relief from asthma :
“Asthma is caused by a combination of factors. This could be allergy-inhalation of dust, pollen or animal dander – ingestion of eggs, prawn, shell fish and drugs, like aspirin. It may also be precipitated by certain infections of the respiratory tract and gastro-intestinal issues, such as late meals, hyperacidity, improper eating habits and diet excesses.
While emotional factors, such as anxiety, stress and worry, may also trigger the problem, research suggests that asthma is essentially a psychosomatic disorder. It is suggested that a constitutional or familial predisposition may be an important factor too, alongside feelings of dependency. ‘E.g. A child’s asthmatic attacks are often a result of an unconscious appeal to its mother for “help.”
Common symptoms of asthma are breathlessness, or a feeling of chest tightness. A typical ‘wheeze’ may also be present, causing difficulty in breathing, even when one is at rest. Asthma is full of paradoxes. On the one hand, the asthmatic individual may have no obvious physical limitation; on the other, they may be barely able to handle simple, day-to-day tasks.
Homeopathy uses safe, natural remedies, on the basis of medicinal information derived from their actual effects on healthy human beings, patients and clinical studies. Homeopathy treats asthma on the presentation of symptoms peculiar to on-self, the ‘worse’ or ‘better’ aspect of the problem, in relation to time, posture, movement and rest, unique to the given individual. Put simply, homeopathy offers a safe, complete and tangible treatment plan for patients suffering from asthma.
In a study conducted at the University of Glasgow, Europe’s largest, medical school, asthma patients, given small homeopathic doses the substance to which they were most allergic, showed significant relief within the first week of the treatment. The researchers called this unique method of individualising medicines as “homeopathic immunotherapy”.
The study helped to provide impressive results, with no side-effects. Over 80% of patients, given a homeopathic remedy improved, while only 38% of patients, given a placebo (dummy pill) experienced an equivalent degree of relief. But for best results, it is imperative for one to seek the adv ice of a professional homeopath. This will also help to create a contingency plan in the event of a sudden asthmatic attack.”
I would like to add one thing more that I am cured by doing ‘kapaalbhati’ exercise daily in the morning. (By Ompal Singh Ahlawat, e mail &



Dear Sir,

India became independent in 1947 and it is 2011. I am surprised why India fought for their independence for three hundred years. The warriors of independent had never thought for their off- springs that after a long span of time i.e. after 64 years of independence their next  generation, like you and your Sangarsh-Samiti again would compel to fight for their rights in independent India.

I heard Late Chaudhary Charan Singh, the former hon’ble Prime Minister,” Jat community (kisan) need not reservation any-where if he is given full facility for his agricultural need”. This community is hard working. They had never remained dependent on the others. But our agricultural and fertile land is shrinking. It is acquired by the government not for good reasons or the other but for the buildings in the name of infrastructure. The builder lobby pays a good amount to the policy makers.

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the state of mind of the other communities in the society regarding Jat community midst the so called self-made upper communities are as follows:-

An illiterate person is called Jat. He has no sense,  has not good behaviour, has poor standard of living, is only fit for 4th class jobs, has no right to become a Prime Minister, has no right to become a General of Indian Army, is fit for doing agriculture only and so on…… And if so, his demand for inclusion in the 27-per cent OBC reservation regime is just. And it is well known that poor section of the Indian citizen needs reservation.

On the other hand media is not raising your demand properly before the public and the government. Media is more loyal of Rail Bhawan and putting its loss of over Rs.95 crore per day before the nation. Media is not depicted the right picture of the poor condition of Jat community before the nation.

Mostly the farmers of Northern India belong to Jat community. They live in the villages. They are not provided facilities by the government. They stand themselves on their feet. They create their resources with their-own hard work .They never sell their produces on their-own costs/ prices. They do not hope for any assistance from any government. You should feel proud being a Jat.

Once upon a time, Late Rajiv Gandhi, the former hon’ble Prime Minister had stated that the government’s assistance for a rupee to the villagers reduced to ten paise only. It means the U.P.A. government failed to make proper arrangement of distributing the government’s fund till now and has no honour of the late P.M’s words.  This is the main reason for demanding reservation in government jobs by this community.

I think the government is ready to trodden down the protesters though they have chosen the Gandhian path. At this time, Jat protestors are described in different news papers as they are putting illegal pressure on the government after rail blockade.

It is, therefore, you are requested to tell  the causes of demands to the people of this nation through print media, electronic media, conferences, public meetings and better you know so that the public sympathy may get together to eradicate this major problem of your demand for inclusion in the 27th – per cent OBC reservation for JAT community.

From my point of view, I would like to suggest you that if the government is not ready to fulfil your demand and the public opinion is also against the reservation of Jat community, never mind and try to chose the path of Baba Ramdev for building high the moral and the good conduct of future generation and educate them properly with the art of living when they are in need.

With best wishes,

Yours truely,

Ompal Singh Ahlawat

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Go for gluten-free:  Allergy to wheat and related products was once considered disease of the West, but it has now been termed an IMPENDING EPIDEMIC in the country. Doctors say there is an urgent need to address the problem by means of timely diagnosis and by making necessary changes in the diet to improve the condition of the patient.

What is celiac disease?

An autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people of all ages.

Causes :  Protein gluten found in wheat acts as a trigger for the immune system to develop antibodies that cross-react with bowel tissues. The small intestine is then not able to absorb important nutrients, vitamins and micro-nutrients.

Symptoms : Diarrhoea, weight loss, constipation, iron deficiency, anaemia, osteoporosis, along with vitamin deficiencies or fatigue.

If left undiagnosed it can lead to – Type I diabetes, thyroid, liver disease and neuro-psychiatric conditions.

PRECAUTIONS : Avoid wheat, barley ,rye and oats use all gluten-free products. (TOI Report dated 16.03.2011)

Ompal Singh Ahlawat


My family shocked! Why did I switch on television today? We could not see the pictures of disaster made by Tsunami in Japan. My family send Japan our deep sentiments and pray to almighty for restoration soon. I feel not only me but Indian stand with Japan.

Ompal Singh Ahlawat

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev & Politics

Lord Krishna’s incarnation happened when the sin was at its’ top peak.

Manu ( Jhansi ki Rani) fought against the foreign Rule and laid her life for the nation.

Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel,Veer Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Lala Lajpat Rai, Madan Mohan Malviya, Shiva ji, Gopal Krishan Gokhle, Maulana Azad, Guru Gobind Singh, Sukhdev, Ashfaq, Rajguru and so many unknown heroes also laid their lives for the nation. Were they politicians? No, they were made for us. They were made for their future generation. So they laid their lives for the nation.

Baba Ramdev is not only a Saint but he is our hero of present also. He is leading the nation towards the right path.

The definition of the modern politician is a powerful babu appointed by the people after asking them few questions, as are given below:-  How many muscle-men do you have?

How much black money do you have to spent in the election?

What is your past criminal record?

Who ate the ripe fruits roped with their blood?. The politicians are very innocent. We elect them our Lord to write our fate. They are not our servant after getting a huge amount of salary and perks.

Actually, the most difficult task was/is/and will remain to test ones quality, character, ablity of our leaders. We should think over it. I am searching the people who are able to guide the poor voter of this country. Please post the comments after think over it.

With best wishes.

Ompal Singh Ahlawat

Performance of UPA government in India

International Women’s Day


It is a matter of great happiness that our leaders as well as the chief minister ‘Sheila Dikshit urged the women of Delhi to take inspiration from all-time heroines like Jhansi Ki Rani, who fought valiantly against foreign rule and laid her life for the nation, thus, keeping her dignity, honour and principles intact’ (Source: The Times of India). On the other hand women are facing day to day problems a lot under the umbrella of two ladies chief ministers of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The Chief Minister herself admitted that more than 75% of the work at home and even outside is done by women, but it goes unrecognized category. But I ask you the question, who will recognize the same?  I think that there is no strong position of law and order in NCT of Delhi. From my point of view I would like to say that the moral education compulsorily be given to school level. We should water the plant through the root not the leaves and branches. Modern education is playing an important role in losing our ancient civilisation, ‘Bhartiyata’. In this fast growing economy we forget our sanskar. So we never mind the dignity, honour of our female partner due to lack of ‘sanskar’. I also add that without changing the common men’s attitude towards the women no rule will help us. So I request the Chief Minister to make necessary arrangements of imparting compulsory moral education in schools to save our future generation.